Leadership Orientation and Training for New Leaders

Orientation and Training Overview

Orientation and Training will be done on a personalized basis.  There are parts of the orientation that all new LIFE Group leaders will need to go through, particularly as it relates to the specifics of our JourneyOn Discipleship strategy at Brentwood Baptist. Other components of training will be incorporated according to several factors: prior leadership roles at Brentwood Baptist, prior experience as a LIFE Group leader at any church, spiritual leadership qualities, spiritual maturity, skills, strengths, spiritual gifts, background, size of LIFE Group, etc.
In addition to a thorough understanding of how LIFE Groups operate within the Discipleship Structure at Brentwood Baptist, LIFE Group leaders should expect some of the following elements of orientation and training from our church:

  • Training resources (books, videos, articles, DVDs …) with some follow- up response.
  • A period of time when the candidate visits at least 2 different selected LIFE Groups with a prepared evaluation response form.
  • An assigned mentor- teacher for dialogue and feedback.
  • An opportunity to teach as a substitute, preferably in the mentor’s class or current LIFE Group which the candidate attends. Have the mentor critique and affirm the teacher candidate based on specific criteria.
  • A 90-Day Evaluation/Confirmation, after which the appropriate minister will meet with the candidate to review feedback from mentor, class members, etc.
  • Minimal expectation for on-going training (1-2 times per year).

Orientation and Training Steps and Checklist

After reviewing the Orientation and Training Overview, please complete the following steps as part of your LIFE Group Leader training:

  • Watch the JourneyOn for Adults video
    As a LIFE Group Leader, it is important that you have a good understanding about how your LIFE Group fits into the overall adult discipleship effort at Brentwood Baptist. Our over-arching strategy to help adults move toward a Christ-centered life is an initiative we have developed called JourneyOn. Please watch the JourneyOn video to get a picture of how our church is attempting to grow disciples, and how LIFE Groups are a part of this plan. Once the web site comes up, merely press the play button to watch the video.
    Watch the Video

  •  Read over the Baptist Faith and Message (1963/1998)
    Our church’s statement of faith is the Baptist Faith and Message, 1963 edition (with 1998 Family Amendment). As a LIFE Group teacher or facilitator, you will be expected to teach within the bounds of this confession. Please click here to read a PDF of this document.
    Read the Baptist Faith & Message

  • Learn about the Transformational LIFE Strategy
    The Transformational LIFE strategy is an important and integral part of our LIFE Groups. It is vitally important that all our teachers and facilitators have a clear understanding of these four components. Please click here to read and review an explanation of the Transformational LIFE Strategy. Suggested job descriptions for these leadership roles can be found in the Leader Enlistment Booklet.
    Read about the Strategy Download the Leader Enlistment Booklet

  • Sign a LIFE Group Leader Covenant
    Believing that serving as a LIFE Group Leader is a high calling and both a great privilege and responsibility (see James 3:1), we ask our LIFE Group Leaders to read over and sign our LIFE Group Leader Covenant. To download and print the LIFE Group Covenant, please click here.
    Download the Leader Covenant