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Wait! What happened to the 3 BIG things? Well, we are ready to begin (continue?) our ongoing conversation about Disciples multiplying Disciples. Jesus told us what to do and what he’d given us authority, power, and blessing to do: make disciples. And he told us how to do it: baptize, teach to obey, go. Our church family captures that Great Commission essence with the simple terms: Gospel Conversations, Groups, Going. And, we understand our groups as ongoing biblical communities that growcare, and equip one another to make disciples. And thus is our kingdom business. So, each week we’ll have 5 BIG things anchored around Gospel Conversations, Going, Grow, Care, and Equip.

  • Gospel Conversations: Designate someone in your group to record an estimated number of Gospel Conversations per month. Have them send this estimated number to [email protected].
  • Going: Take time with you group to consider volunteering utilizing the Holiday Service Guide.
  • Grow:

    WOMEN’S DISCIPLESHIP EVENT this Sunday 11/8 at Granny White Park. RSVP to Nastasia at [email protected] by Wednesday (11/4) afternoon at 4:00 pm.

  • Care: Distribute the people who haven’t been at group for a few weeks or months to your current active members. Have them reach out by text, call, email, etc. this week to encourage them.
  • Equip: Part of making a disciple is learning our own testimony and helping others share theirs. Have someone in group (ask this person a few days before meeting time) share their testimony.