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Engage Middle Tennessee – Part 1

Jason Dukes, Church Multiplication Minister, shares his thoughts on serving others in this first in a series of four videos on Engaging Middle Tennessee.
[vimeo 160801274 w=600 h=381]
Questions to stimulate conversation in your LIFE Group:

  • If you had to summarize how Jesus made disciples in no more than five to seven words, what would you say and why?
  • Do you agree with the four elements of the disciple-making rhythms of Jesus as Jason described them in the video – invited them to serve, invited them to debrief, invited them to learn, invited them to invite others along? What might you say to help clarify the four suggested? What others would you add?
  • Is there a difference between discipleship as it has been done traditionally in the church and disciple-making as Jesus did it? If so, what are some of the differences?
  • Why did Jesus heal the sick, teach the seeker, and love the poor? Was it for the sake of those He was serving? Was it for the sake of the 12 lost men He invited along with Him to serve? Or both? Why does this matter to us as we are sent to make disciples?