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3 Ways to Minister to a Group Member Who Is Hurting

By Susan Hill

In LIFE Groups, there will be times when group members are faced with difficult circumstances. It might be the death of a loved one, a hospitalization or illness, job loss, or a variety of other issues that cause the group member to be in a season of high stress.
During these times, it is especially important to be supported in biblical community. Galatians 6:2 says, “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.”
So how does a LIFE Group respond when a group member is in a difficult season?

  1. It’s important to reach out to the group member so he or she doesn’t feel alone. A simple phone call goes a long way in ministering to a person in need. In seasons of struggle, it’s common to feel isolated so reaching out is a great first step.
  2. It’s a good idea to see if there is a tangible need your group can provide. Would it be helpful if someone delivered a meal? Does the group member need a ride or help around the house? Would the group member appreciate visitors? It’s beneficial to access the situation and then decide how the group can minister most effectively.
  3. Be sure to cover the group member in prayer. In times of distress, it is important for the group member to know that their friends in biblical community are praying. Consider sending a card, text, email, or giving them a call to let them know you are praying.

In a LIFE Group community, it’s essential that we love each other well. For the group to run smoothly and to be sure everyone’s needs are met, it’s best to delegate these types of needs to an “L” Leader. The “L” function of the LIFE Group represents “Loving One Another” and it’s an important aspect of all good LIFE Groups. No one likes to go through seasons of distress but, when the body of Christ responds in a loving way, these times are more bearable and can even be seasons of spiritual growth.