JourneyOn for Children

God never changes, but we do, and so does our understanding of Him as we grow.  When life is new, so is everything we see, hear and experience.  Every day is an adventure as we explore and discover the world around us.

As children begin their journey, together with their parents, they simply learn to move.  Then they begin to explore and discover God and His love for us.

From 1st to 5th Grade, JourneyOn helps them explore God and the Bible in interactive ways that they can understand, no matter how old they are.  With Bible stories, Scripture memorization and life application, children explore 10 key concepts each year.


The journey continues for children as they eventually become close to Christ by choosing to begin a personal relationship with Jesus.  As children learn to take responsibility for their relationship with Jesus, they move toward living a Christ-centered life.  JourneyOn provides the tools that they need as children and that you need as parents to move them forward so they can be everything that Christ made them to be.

Parents are the constant companions on this journey.  Children take direction from their parents.  They follow the examples at home and everywhere parents go.  It’s like they’re running a race, and their parents are the lead faith trainers.  JourneyOn is our way of making the most of the impressionable years by building a firm foundation of God’s love and truth.