This website is designed to help you increase in your understanding of preschoolers and to communicate news, teaching ideas, and updates about the Preschool Ministry at Brentwood Baptist Church. We hope you will visit us weekly to gain information about what’s happening in our ministry and to learn more about the children you teach.

We value you as a teacher of preschoolers and appreciate the time and effort you make to care for and teach our children. You have the awesome opportunity to meet the needs of each child as you teach about God, Jesus, Bible, the Church, Family, Self, God’s Creation, and Community & World. We believe teaching begins the first day a child steps into one of our classrooms.

Our mission statement reflects the philosophy of our Preschool Ministry:
We believe God created the child with the capacity to learn about Him. Therefore, we will encourage and equip our leaders to teach in a way that all preschoolers, birth through kindergarten, will increase in their understanding of who He is in their lives.

If you want additional help, tips, or ideas,  check out the blog guidingpreschoolers.com.

Thank you for all that you do to encourage preschoolers as they learn.