Each week we will share the NEXT step that will be presented to our congregation, a Group CHALLENGE, and a BEST practice for groups.

  • NEXT Step: We are stewards of all that God gives
  • Group CHALLENGE: Pick a way to serve with your group from this year’s Holiday Service Guide.
  • BEST Practice: Daily Bible engagement is the number one predictor of spiritual growth, i.e. if you are thoughtfully engaging the Bible, then you will likely mature spiritually. As leaders, we must help our groups members engage the word daily through devotionals, reading assignments to match what you’re teaching, or something like Mike’s 9@9 which can be found on the Brentwood App. Get the app from wherever you download apps for your mobile device, e.g. apple app store, google play store, etc.
  • BONUS Practice: This week our congregation will celebrate the Lord’s Supper. Could you participate in this remembrance with your group by encouraging them to bring the elements or providing it for them, safely?