We believe that growing people grow people. We all have areas where our continued learning will help our leadership and those we’re leading within our groups. Below are some resources to support the more common situations small group leaders run into. And even when things are going great, it’s important to grow as a leader and grow as a group.




Spiritual Health Assessment

We have provided a Spiritual Health Assessment to help discover where you’re at in your spiritual walk. We’ve also provided a document, Spiritual Health Resources, filled with resources and curriculum associated with each of the assessment questions. We encourage you to review these resources and then preview them with your Group.


Adult Groups Ministry Team – Staff Directory

Eddie Mosley, Adult Groups Minister [email protected]

Paul Wilkinson, Adult Groups Associate Minister [email protected]

Matt Purdom, Adult Groups Associate Minister [email protected]

Beth Curtis, Adult Groups Administrative Assistant [email protected]

Jackson Short, Adult Groups Fellow Minister [email protected]