Each week we will share the NEXT step that will be presented to our congregation, a Group CHALLENGE, and a BEST practice for groups.

  • NEXT Step: Get equipped for Gospel Conversations
  • Group CHALLENGE: Food drive on September 13 followed by food trucks and outdoor worship from 5-7 pm in Brentwood parking lot. Great way to serve and fellowship during pandemic. Find other local missions opportunities HERE. Food Drive happens rain or shine!
  • BEST Practice: Enlist someone this week to share about a Gospel Conversation they’ve had. Encourage them that the success is their obedience to share, not the results of the conversation. Remember what a Gospel Conversation is: Sharing the Good News of Jesus with the Lost and Searching while trusting the Holy Spirit with the results. Check out these VIDEOS on our adult groups leadership page. Testimony training videos are under “Best Practices.” (bookmark it if you haven’t!!)