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Ever thought about going to a LIFE Group, but didn’t because . . . well, who really wants to walk into a room where you don’t know a single person?  Getting started in a LIFE Group shouldn’t be strange or uncomfortable.  That’s why we’re starting Group Connect.

Group Connect is a NEW two-hour event that gives you a chance to meet people in a similar stage of life or even a specific area of town.  LIFE Group leaders are on hand to help you connect with others and start enjoying community with those who actually share your common interests.

So if you live in Nashville, Franklin, Cool Springs, Nolensville, West Brentwood, East Brentwood, or even Spring Hill, come get plugged in to a community, to your community.


Group Connect FAQ

What is Group Connect? 

Group Connect is a two hour event where you can meet people in a similar stage of life and area of town with the goal of forming a LIFE Group. A host and plenty of staff members and volunteers will be on hand to navigate you through the process of meeting others and forming a group.

Do I need to register for Group Connect? 

Not necessarily, but it would be very helpful to us in our planning. Register Now!

What if I can’t attend Group Connect? 

If you can’t attend Group Connect but would still like to join a LIFE Group, you can visit the LIFE Groups page on the website to view a list of open groups. You can also contact the Adult ministry office directly to help you examine the list of groups around town or on campus that would be a good fit for you and your family. Contact Sonnie Bain at [email protected] or Jay Fennell at [email protected].

What is the difference between a LIFE Group and Group Connect? 

You go to Group Connect, a two hour event, to join a LIFE Group. LIFE Groups are small group environments that may meet on or off campus where people share life together, study the Bible together, and serve together.

What is a Connector? 

Connectors are volunteers who help people connect into groups by providing information about upcoming Group Connect events. They also attend the Group Connect to assist people as they form groups.

Is Childcare provided at Group Connect? 

Yes, childcare is provided at Group Connect.

In what areas of town will Brentwood LIFE Groups meet? 

For off campus LIFE Groups, we will divide groups into these geographic areas:

  • Nashville
  • Franklin
  • Cool Springs
  • Nolensville
  • West Brentwood
  • East Brentwood
  • Thompson Station/Spring Hill

The majority of our groups will meet in these areas of town, but groups aren’t limited to these areas. If you don’t see your area of town listed, please contact us. We’ll help you determine if a Group Connect at a different Brentwood Baptist Campus will get you into a LIFE Group closer to your area of town.

For on campus LIFE Groups, we divide based on life stage and desired hour:

  • 8:00 AM
  • 9:30 AM
  • 11:00 AM