Unit: Jesus, the Savior

Session Titles: The Triumphal Entry / Jesus Crucifixion and Resurrection

Life Points: People should praise Jesus because He is the Savior! / Jesus died and was resurrected.

Life Verse: “You are the Messiah, the Son of the Living God!” Matthew 16:16

Weekly Bible Verses: “Then those who went ahead and those who followed kept shouting: “Hosanna! He who comes in the name of the Lord is the blessed One!” Mark 11:9 / “We have heard for ourselves and know that this really is the Savior of the world.” John 4:42b

Bible Passages: Matthew 21:1-11 / Matthew 26:26-28:10

Extras from LifeWay (GREAT Ideas Here): Click here

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Craft: Song and Palm Branch Collage
Have children make palm branches out of different colors of green and brown paper. You could bring in scrapbook paper in these colors as well. Then they would write out the song that is in the picture and color green and brown behind it to represent the ground of the road.
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Craft: “Palm” Branch
Have children trace their hands about 8-10 times on green construction paper and then cut out. Then they will glue them to a long thin piece of construction paper representing the branch.
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Craft: Palm Branch Craft (for older children)
If you watch the video they will teach you had to make a cross from a palm branch.
Click here to watch the video

Craft: Palm Branch and Clothing Road (for younger children)
You will create the road and then add clothes to it like the people threw down in scripture and then add palm branches to it. The website does a very good job of explaining how to do this craft.
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Game: Palm Branch Pass
The pdf attached has all the instructions.
Source: The Big Book of Bible Crafts #2
Palm Branch Pass PDF

Game: Palm Branch Pick Up
The pdf attached has all the instructions.
Source: The Big Book of Bible Crafts #2
Palm Branch Pick Up PDF

Craft: Calvary Hill Paper Plate Craft
The website has all the instructions for how to make this great craft to show the crosses on Calvary Hill. (This craft does come from a Catholic website.)
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Craft: Tie Dye Easter Crosses
A fun and easy craft that kids in any grade will love. We have dot paint in the Preschool and Children’s Resource Rooms if you are looking for it. : )
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Tie Dye Easter Cross Main

Craft: Nail Cross (Older Kids)
The site shows a more extensive project but you could simplify it by just making the cross of nails. You will want to be very careful with the sharp nails and wire. I think it would be some-thing the older kids would love and help remind them of what Jesus did for us on the cross.
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Craft: Crown of Thorns Bracelet
Craft wire, scissors, brown cord

1.    Cut three pieces of craft wire to measure about 6-inches long each.
2.    Hold the three pieces of wire together. Wrap one end of one piece of wire around the other three to hold them together.
3.    Braid the three strands of wire together loosely until you have reached a spot about two inches from their ends.
4.    Wrap the end of one piece of wire around the other two to hold the braid together. Cut the ends of the wire off.
5.    Cut five pieces of brown cord to each measure two inches long. Tie the pieces onto the bracelet evenly spaced around. These will be the thorns of the crown. Use scissors to cut the ends of the knots so the cord looks like thorns.
6.    Tightly wrap brown cord over the ends of the bracelet to cover the ends of the wire. Tie the cord to secure it in place.
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Craft: Easter Story Wreath
The site has all the pieces for printing and instructions to make this wreath. This would be something good to make this week and then can talk about it with their families on Easter the next Sunday.
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Activity: Easter Story Trivia Game
This pdf has everything you need to play this game including the questions and answers. I would play this with older kids as some of the questions are kind of hard but they do give the scripture reference if you wanted the kids to look up the answer in their Bibles as well.
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Craft: Jesus is Alive Tape Painting
Have children make a cross using two pieces of masking tape or painters tape (something that is not too sticky). Students will paint the background with a color or pattern and write “Jesus is Alive” around the cross. Once paint is dry, remove tape to make a cross on your paper.
Note: you will want to use thicker paper if you are going to paint.
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jesus is alive

Game: Road to Emmaus Game (Older Kids)
All the instructions are on the pdf. Great review game for the older children.
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Road to Emmaus Game PDF

Craft: Walking with Jesus (Younger Children)
The disciples in the story walked with Jesus in person, but Christians know that whoever believes in Jesus still walks with him in their heart. Explain to children that believers can know for sure that Jesus’ resurrection was for real because the Bible says many people saw him alive be-fore he returned to heaven. Trace your children’s feet to make a take-home reminder to follow in his footsteps. Pre-print labels that read “Jesus has really risen! Luke 24:34” and stick one to each foot or write the caption on each paper. Let the children color a road around the feet.
Read more: Crafts for Preschoolers on the “Road to Emmaus” | eHow.com
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Snack: Graham Cracker Road
Explain to children that the roads in Jesus’ time were dirty and dusty, unlike the paved roads of today. Make an old-style road by spreading frosting or peanut butter on a whole graham crack-er. Sprinkle crushed cookie crumbs over the top as the dust. Place three gummy bears on the road to represent the two disciples and Jesus.
Read more: Crafts for Preschoolers on the “Road to Emmaus” | eHow.com
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Craft: Eye Seeing Chart
Let children make a Seeing Eye Chart, similar to one in an eye doctor’s office. The letters on the first line will be BIG, the letters on the second line will be a little smaller, the letters on the 3rd line will be a little smaller, etc. The TITLE can be “SEEING JESUS,” etc.   The words can be on the chalk board for the children to copy, such as JESUS HELPS US TO SEE AND UNDERSTAND OUR LIVES, or JESUS HELPS ME UNDERSTAND MORE CLEARLY WHEN I AM CONFUSED, or JESUS HELPS ME SEE THAT HE LOVES ME AND THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR!  ****For younger children, the teacher can have the letters lightly drawn for the children to trace over the above words on their eye charts!
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