Masking tape—create a start line for each team


4 clotheslines—tie to chairs to create a hanging area

Pinch-style clothespins—place on chairs

2 sets of signs with Old Testament and New Testament on separate pieces of paper. Position one sign on each clothes line.

One set of the Books of the Bible Flashcards for each team. Cut apart. Select 12 for each time to place at the start lines.


Tell kids that to learn from the Bible, they need to read and study it. To use the Bible, they need to know how to find verses.

Explain that there are two parts of the Bible. The Old Testament tells about events before the birth of Jesus. The New Testament tells about events after the birth of Jesus.

Guide kids to form teams of 3 or 4 players.

Direct teams to line up behind separate tape lines.

Point out the clotheslines and flashcards.

Instruct kids how to play the game: At your signal, the first person on each team will pick up a card. He will read aloud the Bible book name. His team will determine if the book is in the Old Testament or the New Testament. The player will run to the clothesline and clip the card beneath the correct title. He will return to his team and tag the next player. Play will continue for each card. The first team to correctly place all 12 cards is the winner.

Play the game. Use remaining cards to play several rounds.

Books of the Bible Flashcards PDF

From the “Super Duper Fun and Exciting Absolutely Thought-Igniting Bible Activities for Kids” (p.47)


This one will require a little bit of prep work to get it ready. But once you make the board, you can use it over and over again.



Felt (2 different colors)

Laminating film or clear adhesive plastic


Cardboard or poster board


Children will take turns putting their game markers on an intersecting point between four books.

Children may begin at any point on the gameboard, but must complete a task in order to leave their marker there.

Tasks may include:

Pronounce all four books.

Name the book that follows each book the marker touches.

Find all four books in the Bible.

Blank squares are free spaces.

The player who has four markers in a row (players may try to block each other) is the winner.

The game may be played individually or in teams.

Connect-a-Book PDF

Connect-a-Book Grid PDF

From “100 Action Games That Really Work,” LifeWay



Mount old teaching picture(s) of Jesus (we have lots of these in storage) on a piece of poster board or cardboard. Cut the picture(s) into 7 or 8 pieces and write a question on the back of each piece. Turn the puzzle face down with the questions up. As each question is answered, that particular piece may be turned face up. Continue until the puzzle is worked. Prepare several of these and keep in individual envelopes.

This can be used as a review activity at the end of class or as an opening activity to see what the kids know or don’t already know about the lesson for the day.




2 plastic clothes hangers

Permanent marker


Group the children into two teams.

Line up each time besides a clothes hanger

The first person on each team decides which book appears first in the order and moves it to the left side of the hanger.

The second person moves the second book and so on.

Continue until one team puts all the books in the correct order.

The first team to correctly order all the books wins.

Bible_Book_Pin_Up PDF

From “100 Action Games That Really Work,” LifeWay


Note: This game is basically “four corners” that most children are familiar with playing. The instructions say there is “no preparation.” However, I suggest at least writing each name of the Gospel book on a separate piece of paper and attaching it near the appropriate corner that is designated for that Gospel book. Children often have a difficult time remembering which corner is which. But they LOVE this game!


Click on the link below to make your own Books of the Bible Game.



Masking Tape

Bean bag (optional)

Memory verse or Review Questions written on sheets of paper large enough for kids to read

Tape to secure questions or verse


This hopscotch game can be used to help the kids learn the memory verse or you can use Review Questions from lesson and they have to answer each question correctly to advance.

If you do decide to do review questions you might want to tell the kids what they are before you start the game and keep them simple due to the fast pace of hopscotch.

You will need to click on this link and scroll all the way down until you come to Hopscotch Bible Lessons Review Game.

Please note: For 3rd-5th it is suggested you throw a bean bag in the squares to advance; however, it is not recommended for younger kids because it might get too complicated.


This is basically Jeopardy but just puts it into a format that is easy to use (once you actually put the board together!). It could be great to use as an end-of-month review activity.

And_the_Question_Is PDF