Unit: God Changes People

Session Title: Zechariah

Life Point: People should follow God’s plans, not their own.

Life Verse: “Believe on the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved.” Acts 16:31

Weekly Bible Verses: “I will always obey Your instruction, forever and ever.” Psalm 119:44

Bible Passage: Luke 1

Extras from LifeWay (GREAT Ideas Here): Click here

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Craft for Mother’s Day: Cupcake Card
Here is a good easy craft if you are wanting to do something for Mother’s Day. You will need to prepare some of it beforehand but most of it can be done by the children.
Click here for more info

Mother’s Day Craft: Buttons
You could do this on mini canvases, poster board, or I did it on tiles. You will just need a lot of buttons. You don’t have to do a heart with the buttons, you could have the children come up with a design with the buttons. It was a very cute craft when we did it and the moms loved it.
Click here for more info

Mother’s Day: Love You Because Flowers
This is a cute craft for kids to do for their mother. The site says to use foam flowers but you could definitely do this craft with construction paper as well and it may be easier because you can use regular markers.
Click here for more info

Mother’s Day: I Love You With A Cherry On Top
Cute craft that has the kids think of adjectives to describe their moms. Could be made into a card but the example on the site is more poster like.
Click here for more info

Here is a site to a lot of mother’s day card ideas, which are very cute and easy to do as well.
Click here for more info

Mother’s Day: Fingerprint Flower Pots
The instructions are on the site below. This would be an easy craft to do with any age. You will need to buy the flower pots for this.
Click here for more info

Opening Activity: Nothing Is Impossible But It’s Physically Impossible….
Supplies – index cards, dark marker, tape
The following tasks are considered (near) impossible for humans to complete. Try out these ‘simple’ tests to see if anyone can succeed.
• Twitch your nose (without moving the rest of your face)
• Lick your elbow
• Rotate your right leg in a clockwise motion, while drawing a ‘6’ in the air with you right hand
• Wiggle your ears
• Place your palm on a flat surface with your middle finger curled underneath, then raise (only) your ring finger
Click here for more info

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