Unit: God Changes People

Session Title: Peter

Life Point: Jesus wants people to love, trust, and follow Him.

Life Verse: “Believe on the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved.” Acts 16:31

Weekly Bible Verse: “Your heart must not be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in Me.” John 14:1

Bible Passages: John 18; 21

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Object Lesson: Chain Reaction
Bring dominoes. Give the children free time to play with the pieces. Demonstrate how dominoes fall, creating a chain reaction. Let the children experiment with lining the dominoes up and knocking them down. Tie this activity into a discussion of how lying is wrong and can create bad chain reactions. Challenge the students to tell the truth.
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Craft: Rooster
All I have to show you for this craft is the picture that is on the website below. You will need to find a picture of a rooster to print out. I believe we have feathers in the resource room if you need them.
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Object Lesson: Denied Friendship
Choose two children in your class who know each other well. Prepare one to deny knowing the other and one to be the recipient of denial. Begin an interview with the denying child by asking probing questions about the alleged friendship. The other child should be surprised, even defensive, about the denial.

Explain to the child that you were setting him up to make an illustration. Tell the class that the conversation they just heard is similar to what Peter did to Jesus when he denied knowing Him. Ask the denied child, how it felt to be denied. Allow for some discussion.
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Game: Peter Says
Like ‘Simon Says,’ but use the name ‘Peter.’ At the end, say that Peter said many things that he would do, but he did not always do them.
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Craft: Rooster Polish Wycinanki
Wycinanki is a traditional Polish folk art. These folk paper cutouts were used in the 1800’s by Polish peasants to decorate their houses. They usually hung these decorations on white walls and along ceiling beams to make the house more cheery. The cutouts are symmetrical with nature designs and geometric shapes (and lots of roosters) and they are also used for special occasions such as Christmas (maybe a symmetrical Christmas tree shape). Sometimes they are layered (different colored cutouts placed one on top of another) to make a more intricate design. This one is of a rooster and the site explains how to do it (both an easy version and a more difficult version are available on the website).
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