Unit: Do What God Says

Session Title: Daniel Chose to Obey

Life Point: People honor God when they obey His commands.

Unit Verse: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength.” Deuteronomy 6:5

Weekly Bible Verse: “Think about Him in all your ways, and He will guide you on the right paths.” Proverbs 3:6

Bible Passage: Daniel 1:1-20

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Craft: Story Mural
Have students take a large piece of paper and draw the story across the paper. You could even break the story up in sections and write at the top the part of the story then assign groups of children to draw their section of the story.

Craft: Fruit Bowl Placemat
Cut out different types of fruit from construction paper (we have tons of fruit die cuts down-stairs in the preschool resource room), then draw a bowl (half circle) and have it for the children to cut out. Then each child will glue their fruit bowl and the fruit they put in their bowl on a larger sheet of construction paper. On the bowl they can write “make wise choices,” the unit or the weekly Bible verse. Then you can have someone in your room laminate them so they can be used as placemats. If you would like to laminate them on Sunday morning, you will need to turn on the laminator in the Preschool Workroom before class starts. It needs about 20 minutes to heat up.

Snack: Fruits and Vegetables Tasting
Bring in different fruits and vegetables for the children to taste. You could also bring in dried fruits. Just remember to put an Allergy Alert.
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Game: Scavenger Hunt
Hide vegetables (real or plastic) in small batches around the room; hide at least one vegetable per kid. Allow the group to move around the room together, searching for the vegetables. Give instructions such as “look higher,” “look lower,” “move to the left,” “turn around,” and so on.
When kids find vegetables, they may each claim one and bring it to you. Allow kids to hunt until each kid has claimed a vegetable.

Game: Mystery Bags
Place a variety of different vegetables and fruits into opaque plastic bags, one kind of food per bag. Invite a child to reach into the bag and feel the mystery food. He/She will then describe what he/she feels, and the other kids will guess what the food is. If they are correct, select a new volunteer, allowing them to reach into a new bag and describe the next food. If they are incorrect, allow the kid feeling the food to guess what it is. If he/she is incorrect, open the bag and show everyone the food. For more of a challenge, consider prepping the foods in different ways before placing them into the bags. At home you could slice, peel, or chop different foods to make them harder to guess.

Game: Toss the Fruit
Form two teams of kids. At one end of the room, place two baskets. Instruct the kids to line up at the other end of the room. Provide toy fruits and vegetables for each team, one per kid. Kids will take turns tossing their vegetables or fruits into their team’s basket. If a kid misses, he must toss again until his fruit or vegetable lands in the basket and stays in. Then that child will move to the end of the line, and the next kid will toss her fruit or vegetable.

Game: Tossed Salad
If you are using chairs, place them in a circle. As kids arrive, give each one the name of a vegetable (carrot, zucchini, lettuce, onion, celery). Tell kids to stand (or sit) in a circle. Choose one kid to stand in the middle of the circle. Call out a vegetable; kids with that name will switch places. The one in the middle tries to get one of the vacated places. Whoever ends up without a place stands in the middle. After a few turns, call out two vegetables to switch. Call out: “Tossed salad!” Everyone switches places. Comment that vegetables will be a part of the Bible story.

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