Unit: Love and Obey God

Session Title: David and Jonathan

Life Point: Good and bad things happen to people, but God always love them.

Unit Verse: “I call on you, God, because you will answer me.” Psalm 17:6

Weekly Bible Verse: “I give you a new command: Love one another. Just as I have loved you, you are also to love one another.” John 13:34

Bible Passage: 1 Samuel 18:1-4;20

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Craft: Arrows and Quivers
The kids can make their own arrows and quiver. The quivers made on the below website were made out Pringles cans but you could do it with other types of containers as well. This looks like a fun activity. Note: The idea is towards the bottom on the below website.
Click here for more info

Craft: Mini Bow and Arrows
Kids will love this craft. Please let us know by tomorrow if you need notched popsicle sticks, dental floss and Q-tips for this craft because we do not have them in stock in the resource room and we’ll need time to purchase them before Sunday.
Click here for more info

Review Game
This review game will be very exciting; the kids have the opportunity to shoot an arrow! Have the kids answer one of the question from the lesson (you could print them on ARROWS to go along with the lesson) and then they will get the opportunity to shoot an arrow at the target! (The bow and arrow are a Nerf style product. You could purchase at Walmart.)
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Craft: Friendship Wreath
Have each kid make their handprint on a wreath made out of paper. You could have them sign their name on the handprint after it is dry. On the wreath write “friendship wreath” and hang it in the class to display.
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Food: Breakfast Arrow Skewers
This is for cupid’s arrows but will work for this lesson. Kids will love making these and eating them as you tell the lesson.
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