Unit: Jesus Is Alive!

Session Title: Peter Had Breakfast with Jesus

Life Point: People can follow the example, teachings, and commandments of Jesus.

Unit Verse: “This is love: that we walk according to his commands.” 2 John 6

Weekly Bible Verse: “He is not here. For he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay.” Matthew 28:6

Bible Passage: John 21:1-19

Extras from LifeWay (GREAT Ideas Here): Click here

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Object Lesson with Story: Miraculous Catch of Fish
This is a prop to tell the story with. If you watch the video she explains how to make and use the prop.
Click here for more info

Craft: Miraculous Catch of Fish (2nd-5th grade)
This craft is a little complicated with the envelope boat. The instructions are all spelled out on the website.
Click here for more info

Craft: Puzzling Pieces (1st-3rd grade)
On the last page of this pdf is the Puzzling Pieces craft but there are also very good ideas for telling the lesson as well. Children will make a puzzle that says: “Jesus’ love puts us back together.” You can use the template they have or make your own (There is puzzle die cut in the Preschool Resource Room.)
Click here for more info

Craft: Net Full of Fish Craft (1st-3rd grade)
The craft uses craft sticks, laundry bag netting, and mini die-cut fish. The picture shows what the craft looks like but the website gives you a good idea of how to make the craft as well.
Click here for more info

Snack: Net of Fish
You will have to make these ahead of time for the kids but I think they are really cute.
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