Unit: Help Others

Session Title: Jesus Chose 12 Helpers

Life Point: God wants people to be involved in His work around the world.

Unit Verse: “We have this command from him: The one who loves God must also love his brother and sister.” 1 John 4:21

Weekly Bible Verses: “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the one Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Matthew 28:19

Bible Passage: Matthew 10:1-14

Extras from LifeWay (GREAT Ideas Here): Click Here


Activity: Fisher’s of Men
This website below had a lot of good ideas for Fisher’s of Men activities. Including some games and a craft.
Click Here for more info

Snack: Fisher’s of Men Fishing Poles
Cute cute snack idea! Takes some preparation. Also put an allergy sign out if you serve this.
Click Here for more info

Craft: 12 Disciples Accordion Book
This website provides all the details for how to make as well as the print out for the 12 men. I will say it is from a catholic perspective and they call them the apostles but still will work as a good craft.
Click Here for more info

Craft: 12 Disciples Fisher of Men Mobile
I could only find a photo for this craft but if you can get die cut fish and a crown it would be simple.

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