Session Titles: The Rich Young Ruler

Life Point: People are responsible for their choices and can choose to obey God
Unit Verse: “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” Mark 16:15
Weekly Bible Verses: “We will worship the Lord our God and obey him.” Joshua 24:24
Bible Passage: Luke 18:18-23; Matthew 19:16-26

Extras from LifeWay (GREAT Ideas Here): http://blog.lifeway.com/biblestudiesforlife/leaderextras/by-age-group/

Object Lesson: Treasures
On the website there is a video that explains this awesome object lesson. You will find these Frixion pens at Walgreens, Walmart or Staples by all the other pens.
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Craft: Rich Young Ruler Story Line
The website below has great instructions for this. I don’t know why they say to use light blue paper. You could really use any color but I would recommend the larger construction paper cut in half lengthwise for each child.
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Game: Variation of Red Light, Green Light
Try playing this game to help the kids see how they cannot have 2 leaders in their life. Play a game like “Red Light, Green Light.” However, pick 2 people instead of 1 to be the leader. Now it is really hard to follow both leaders and do what both want. The kids will become frustrated. Talk about how the same thing is true in our lives. We cannot have 2 leaders in our life: God and _____. The rich man had money as the other leader in his life.
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Craft: Heart Treasure Chest
Matthew 6:21 “For where your treasure is, there your Heart will be also.”
Take Brown piece of paper Fold paper in half long ways. Unfold. Fold the paper so the bottom 2/3 are larger to the top 1/3 which will be the “lid” to your chest. Unfold again and in the middle segment is where the heart is cut out. Then write out the verse. I let the kids decorate the chest. I also read about the merchant seeking a fine pearl and it being like the Kingdom of Heaven. Then gave them a faux pearl on clear cord:
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