Session Titles: Jesus Prayed in the Garden

Life Point: God wants people to pray to Him daily

Unit Bible Verse: “Everything you pray and ask for – believe that you received it and it will be yours.” Mark 11:24

Weekly Bible Verses: “Pray constantly, give thanks in everything; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:17-18

Bible Passage: Luke 22:39-46

Extras from LifeWay (GREAT Ideas Here):

Craft: Prayer Journal
Make a prayer journal using any of the templates below for the inside pages. You could have them decorate a cover as well and encourage them to use it daily.

Activity: Ask for Help (Younger Kids)
Ping Pong Balls (One per child)
Plastic Spoons (one per child)
Clean bucket

Tape a start line on the floor. Place the bucket across the room.

The majority of the children should stand at the start line. Enlist other children to stand along the race path, at the ready in case a player needs help.

In turn, each child will speed walk to the finish line with the ping pong ball balanced on a spoon. If the ball falls, the player should say: “Help, please!” Any one of the helpers standing along the path should pick up the ball and place it back on the spoon. The walker takes three giant steps backward and then continues toward the finish line. When the player arrives at the finish line he drops the ball in the bucket and returns the spoon to the next player.

When everyone has successfully dropped a ball in the bucket have the children talk about how when we pray for help, God hears our prayers and will help us.

Source: Bible Skills Activities for Kids

Game: Finger Frenzy
This finger play game involves simple math and can be played by two or more players. Pair off players with each person holding one finger out on each hand facing the opponent.

Players move around the room with Player 1 trying to take Player 2. When player 1 taps Player 2’s hand with her finger, Player 2 “adds” an additional finger on that hand. Player 2 then becomes the tagger. When player 2 tags Player 1 with her 2 fingers, Player one will have to “add” two more fingers on her hand so that now she has three. Play continues. When one player has 5 fingers stretched out on one hand, that hand is “out”.

For a fun twist, players can also “divide” an even number of fingers across both hands, so if a player has four fingers on one hand and none on the other, she can split them into two and two. The last player to have a hand still in play wins.

Connecting the Game

This game is fun and challenging. There was simple math but you had to stay focused. Your fingers were doing a lot of work as well. Have you ever been taught how to pray using the finger method? Read and discuss 1 Thessalonians 5:17, then use the finger suggestions below to teach players how to pray.

Thumb – Say a prayer for those closest to you

Pointer – Say a prayer for those who teach you (school, church, dance, sports, etc.)

Middle – Say a prayer for the president and those in authority over you

Ring – Say a prayer for the lost and sick

Pinky – Say a prater for yourself

Source: Bible Games for Kids

Object Lesson: Prayers for Protection

Select a volunteer and give him or her an umbrella. Give paper to the other kids. Prompt them to make paper wads to toss at the volunteer. Direct the volunteer to use the closed umbrella as protection against the paper wads. Instruct the kids to collect the paper wads and prepare to throw them again. Give the kids the signal to toss their paper wads again but this time the volunteer will open their umbrella to block the paper wads. Guide kids to collect the paper wads and throw them in the trash.

Talk about how God is our protection, like the umbrella was the second time. He hears and answers our prayers. He is ready to help us all we need to do is ask.

Ask: How is God like a shield? When do you need God’s help the most?

Source: Object Lessons for Kids

Mother’s Day: Fingerprint Flower Pots
The instructions are on the site below. This would be an easy craft to do with any age. You will need to buy the flower pots for this.

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