Unit: The Nation Grew

Session Titles: Jacob’s New Name

Story Point: God changed Jacob’s name to Israel, the name of God’s covenant people

Big Picture Question: Does God keep His promises?  God always keeps His promises because He is faithful

Unit Bible Verse: “Behold, I am with you and will keep you wherever you go, and will bring you back to this land.” Genesis 28:15

Bible Passage: Genesis 32-33

Craft: Thankful Sunflower

I did this craft last year and it was a hit!!! Basically what I did was have the petals drawn on pieces of yellow paper, give each child two and have them write things or people they are thankful for. Then they will cut out the petals. They will glue them on to a paper plate. Then you can have circles for the middle and they can glue sunflower seeds down. And then last is the green Popsicle stick for the stem. You will want to do this at the beginning of class so they have time to dry before the end of class.


Game: Thankful Scattegories Game (3rd-5th)

Play a game of Thankful Scattegories.

Step #1 – Take a sheet of paper, list the alphabet in two rows as seen in the picture to the left of this. Make enough copies for each guest to have one

Step #2 – Ask each student to fill in the sheet using each  letter to describe something they are thankful for.

Step #3 – Go around the room or table and share what each person wrote for each letter. If anyone has the same answer as another person , cross it off, and the person with the highest number of NOT crossed off items WINS .  Add a little more fun with prizes for the winners.  We found this fun game idea  on


Game: Thanksgiving Minute to Win It Games

The website below has a lot of minute to win it games that are Thanksgiving themed. They are also low on the supply side of things as well.


Gratitude Project a Day

Come up with the students something they can do every day the week of Thanksgiving. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1- Today write a letter letting your teachers know how much you appreciate them.

2- Don’t take things for granted, find something today that you can give to someone who needs it more.

3-Today, find a way to serve your neighbor.

4-Do something nice and totally unexpected for another member of your family

5-Write a letter to someone who has had a big influence in your life.

6- Say “thank you” at least 10 times today.

7- Write 5 Thank You notes today, and MAIL THEM (email does NOT count!)

8- Bake a special treat for someone in your life who you truly appreciate.

9- Give someone a HUG!

10- Do a chore today without being asked.

Craft: Jacob Peek-A-Boo Card


12×18 white construction paper

Star stickers



  1. Pass out a sheet of paper to each child.
  2. Fold paper in half, length-wise.
  3. NOTE:  For best results when performing steps 3 and 5 (below), write the letter “a” first in each word, so that they are exactly on top of each other.
  4. In large bubble letters, write “Jacob” on folded half of paper. Draw Jacob on left side of paper. (See picture on website.)
  5. Open paper.
  6. In large bubble letters, write “Israel” on folded half of paper. Draw Israel (same person) on right side of paper. (See picture on website.)
  7. Cut ‘a’ out of the word “Jacob” only.
  8. Color “Jacob” and “Israel” papers.
  9. Open paper.
  10. Stick (or draw) stickers around the word “Israel” and a star inside the ‘a.’ (See picture on website.)
  11. Write “Genesis 32:28” at the bottom of the “Jacob” paper. (See picture on website)


Game: New Name

For this game, each person should choose a new name. We’ll stand in a circle and take turns telling our new names. You’ll want to remember as many as you can!

Guide kids to tell their new names. Explain that you will start the game by saying, “Hi. I’m (new name). Next up is (another person’s new name.)” That child will do the same. She will say, “Hi. I’m (new name). Next up is (another person’s new name.)” Any person who doesn’t answer when her name is called, calls out a name that isn’t in the circle, or can’t think of a new name within three seconds must sit down. Play until one child remains. You may choose new names and play again if time remains.


Baby Jesus Ornaments








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