Unit: God’s People in Egypt

Session Titles: Moses was Born and Called

Story Point: God called Moses to deliver His people from captivity

Big Picture Question: Is there anything God cannot do? God can do all things according to His character

Unit Bible Verse: “I have been the Lord your God ever since the land of Egypt; you know no God but me, and no Savior exists besides me.” Hosea 13:4

Bible Passage: Exodus 1-4

Game: Baby Relay

Divide children into teams and run relays to a small tub of water with a small baby doll in it. Each team player will take the baby out of the water, dry off with a little washcloth or small towel, wrap baby in a blanket and place doll baby back in the water for the next player and run back to the team to tap the next classmate to run the same relay.


Craft: Basket Weaving

Give children thin strips of colored construction paper and let them weave the strips of paper over and under the other strips of paper to form a woven mat. Tape the edges to keep the strips in place and then curve the outside of the woven basket and tape or staple a small handle to the sides to keep the form of a basket. Children can cut out a round circle to be a baby’s head, and tape a small piece of material to the bottom of the circle as a blanket to be placed in their woven basket, to represent Moses.


Craft: Love and Protection Collage

Children will each have a large piece of paper, or a poster board if the class works on this together. The teacher or a child will write in very large and bright letters — GOD’S LOVE AND PROTECTION in the middle of a circle on the paper. Then children will draw or write words about God’s love and protection for us or for Moses — words that they will think about to describe or show God’s love and protection for us.


Game: Move Moses through the Bullrushes Review Game

They will attempt to move Moses down the river and through the “Bullrushes” by answering questions from the lesson on Baby Moses. Instructions for how to set up this game is on the website below.


Snack: Baby Moses in a basket

Cut a banana in half. Place it in a cupcake wrapper which will serve as your basket. Make eyes with little tube of gel frosting at the top of the rounded side of the banana. Then cut up a fruit roll-up to make a blanket to go over the baby. The website below has a picture. If you do this put up an allergy alert for parents.


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