Part 3: The Importance Of Following Up With First-Time Guests

By Susan Hill

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been discussing simple ways to create a welcoming environment in our LIFE Groups. As leaders, it is important that we remain mindful of the needs of both our members and first-time guests.
Obviously, we want visitors to have an excellent first experience in our LIFE Groups, with the hope that they return and become a part of biblical community. One easy way to increase the likelihood of return guests is to do a follow-up shortly after their first visit.
Ideally, the follow-up will come in the form of a quick call, email, or text within a day or two of the newcomer’s first visit to your group. It’s important to communicate that you are glad they came and to invite them back. This simple gesture takes just a couple of minutes and has the potential to have a significant impact on whether the guest returns. Following up with newcomers acknowledges the effort it took them to attend and communicates to the visitor that you value their presence and would like for them to come back.
Hospitality isn’t difficult, but it does require intentionality in a group setting. In summary, placing a greeter at the door, wearing nametags, and following up with first time guests are three simple ways we can be intentional about creating a hospitable environment in our LIFE Group. As leaders, we have been given an enormous privilege and responsibility to disciple people in their relationship with Christ. Let’s be intentional about making sure our LIFE Groups are a place people feel welcomed and want to return.