By Susan Hill 

We all know that social outings are a great way to build community in your LIFE Group. There is something about getting outside of the space that the group typically meets in that provides group members with an environment to build closer relationships.

With the summer months upon us, here are 3 ideas for social outings for your LIFE Group:

  1. Plan a picnic lunch after church at a local park. Pick a central location and ask everyone to bring a covered dish. Encourage group members to bring their children and extended families. This is a great way to get to know one another and get outside and enjoy the weather.
  2. Have a cookout at a group member’s home, preferably at a location where you don’t typically meet. For group members with limited space, it’s much easier to host a gathering in the summer months since outside yards and patios can be utilized. Also, this is a great opportunity to invite unconnected neighbors to meet people in your LIFE Group.
  3. Consider signing up as a group to serve in the community. Summer months offer more opportunity with local service projects that might include basic house repair for the elderly or yard projects. Check with Adult Discipleship or Missions for various ways your LIFE Group can serve in the community.

Summer months are a great time to plan activities outside of group and spend time getting to know each other. People attend LIFE Groups to grow in their relationship with Christ and to connect in biblical community. Also, social outings have the potential to be evangelistic in nature, because unconnected people will often attend a social gathering much quicker than they will agree to come to church or LIFE Group. Let’s be sure to provide multiple opportunities for people to connect.