Month After You Have Started Your Group:

Before First Gathering

  • Goal: hospitality
  • Needs:
    – What makes a great leader/host? Committed to Christ, committed to BBC’s purpose, Great Commission, Great Commandment, committed to learn and serve
    – What is a win for a Group?
    – Our top ten principles to live by in a group
    – How to invite people to help launch your group
    – Choosing launch curriculum
    – Testimony
    – Facilitation best practices
    – Commission video from Mike Glenn
  • Coaching Questions:

1 Month After First Gathering

  • Goal: follow up
  • Needs:
    – Assessing group spiritual level and needs
    – Covenants
    – Scheduling
    – “Why?”
    – Responsibility
  • Coaching Questions:

3 Months After First Gathering

  • Goal: Identify co-leader
  • Needs:
    – Personality profiles
    – Planning 6 months out (flight/ journey/ spiritual health plan)
    – How to care for those in your group
    – Identify and begin investing in co-leader
  • Coaching Questions:

6 Months After First Gathering

  • Goal: serving
  • Needs:
    – Common enemy
    – Leading a Bible study with “what? So what? Do what?”
    – Inviting others to your existing group
    – Praying as a group
    – Disciple making in sub, gender-based groups
    – Sharing Faith
  • Coaching Questions:

1 Year After First Gathering

  • Goal: discipling
  • Needs:
    – More intentional spiritual habits
  • Coaching Questions: