Unit: From the Start

Session Title: Abram and Lot

Life Point: God created people able to think and solve problems.

Unit Verse: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1:1

Weekly Bible Verse: “Love one another deeply as brothers and sisters.” Romans 12:10

Bible Passage: Genesis 13

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Activity: Circle of Love
Give each child a piece of paper and have them draw a circle on it and write My Circle of Love around the edge. Challenge them to make their circles larger by including someone who may have been shut out of their circle. Encourage the children to talk to their families about their circles of love and together think of a person to whom they have not shown love. Suggest that they write the person’s name outside the circle. Challenge the children to treat that person with love no matter how he or she acts, as Abram did for Lot, and see if by next week they can put the person’s name inside their circle of love. (If you use this activity, be sure to follow up next week to see if the children accomplished their goal.)
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Object Lesson: Tea
To illustrate how we become “desensitized” to sin, bring a clear glass of water, and a tea bag. Share how the water is clean and pure. Now put the tea bag in the water. Notice how the water starts to become cloudy and dirty. When we are around sin a lot, we become used to it and over time, we begin to sin also. Share how we must try to do right and follow God all the time—at church, at school, at home, everywhere! Talk about how we need to walk away from it right away so we don’t become desensitized to it.
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Memory Verse Game: OOPS
Write the verse on the board. Then line the students up shoulder to shoulder. If you have a bigger class you might want to get them into two groups. The point of the game is to be kind to each other and let one person speak at a time. Any one in the line can start the verse then the idea is to get all the way to the end of the verse one word at a time, but no one can say two words in a row, and no two people can say a word at the same time. If two people speak at the same time, we’ll all say “Oops!” and say the whole verse together and then start again. Play until the group makes it through the verse at least once.
Source: Making Scripture Memory Fun

Game: Kindness Toss
The PDF gives you all the instructions on how to play this game.
Source: Big Book of Bible Games #2
Kindness Toss PDF

Way to Introduce the Lesson
Have cookies for the class. Make sure that there are some cookies that are crushed or broken. They should be obviously worse than the rest of the cookies. Pass the plate to each child and let him/her choose one. Then discuss why they chose the cookie they chose. Why didn’t they choose the crushed ones? “In today’s lesson, Abram and Lot had to make a choice. One got to choose first and he chose the “best” thing. Let’s see what happens.” Don’t forget to post an allergy alert!
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Craft: Get Along Cups

  • Remind children of ways Abram and Lot got along. • Say: “We will make ‘Get Along Cups’ to take home. When you get along with your brother, sister, parents, and other family members or friends, you can get a bean from your parents to place in the cup. Try to fill your cup to show you are getting along with people.”
  • Give each child a plastic cup and label. • Instruct: “Glue the label to your cup. Decorate your cup with the foam shapes and construction paper. Do not cover the label. Cut or tear pieces of construction paper to glue to your cup.” • Set materials on the table and allow children to decorate the cups. • Give each child a resealable sandwich bag as he finishes decorating. • Say: “Scoop 1⁄2 cup of beans into the bag to take home.” • Help each child close his bag and place it in the cup.
  • Review: “When can you put a bean in your cup? (when you get along with someone) Who got along in our Bible story? (Abram and Lot) With whom can you get along? (Answers will vary.) With whom does God want us to get along? (everyone)
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