1.      Joe Hendricks will be here this Sunday to continue taking pictures of families and teachers for the book we are putting together for Florrie Anne. He will be here June 1, as well. So make plans now to let Joe take a picture of you and your family!
2.      I hope you are enjoying this JourneyOn Preschool leader site. I plan to have more on the site for you next week.
3.      Remember you can place your Leader Pack door signs for the month inside the snap frames on the wall beside your rooms. These signs will help parents know what the children are studying.


STOP Signs

The Stop Signs have certainly helped keep parents/grandparents from entering our Sunday School rooms. I appreciate all you are doing to help parents remain outside the rooms when they drop off or come for their children. I have stood by some doors on occasion to help parents understand they can stay at the door, just not go in. It’s hard to break old habits, but let’s stick with it.


This Sunday

This week’s Bible story about Peter helping a man walk emphasizes being thankful for all that God had done for him. The man in our story had been lame since birth, but Peter asked him to stand up and walk. Peter performed the miracle in the powerful name of Jesus. The man’s life was changed and would never be the same. In the Scriptures it is recorded that the man began walking, jumping or leaping, and praising God. Can you imagine the conversations he had with people around the Beautiful Gate that day and for the days and weeks that followed? You and I have a wonderful story to tell of how God has touched our lives. I pray you will have opportunity to share your life’s story and hope with others that will, in turn, bring them joy, hope, and knowledge of Christ Jesus.

Preschoolers will sense your attitude of Jesus by the way you speak of Him and share the story from the Bible.

Have a safe and happy weekend and see you Sunday!
Your Preschool Ministry Staff


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