Teaching babies can be fun and joyful. As teachers, you have the joy of seeing babies in your class change from week to week as they grow and develop their personalities. When they see you from week to week, they are learning to trust you and that is one of the most important things they will ever learn. Yes, you are teaching babies.

  • Greet each child with a smile.
  • Welcome parents and ask for any new instructions about the care of their child. Encourage them to indicate the information on the Baby Information Card.
  • Meet each baby’s physical and emotional needs on demand.
  • Speak softly as you interact with them.
  • Play background music as they arrive. Music helps to set the atmosphere for the morning. Use the CDs that come with each quarter’s teaching materials.
  • Sing simple songs to babies, using their names in the verses. Use the melodies of the songs you sang as a child and incorporate Bible verses, too.
  • Use books and biblical pictures from the leader pack as you hold babies and relay conversation about the Bible.
  • Use Bible verses and phrases repeatedly throughout the session.
  • Continue to encourage parents to wait outside the classroom door at arrival and departure times. The classroom will remain calm and secure. 

Babies will develop feelings about being at church. They will experience your loving care and develop positive feelings about being with you. Babies will soon recognize you and look forward to being with you the minute they hear your voice.

I know you do many of the things mentioned above. If you are new to teaching babies, try one or two of these tips each time you teach.

May God bless you and thank you for your commitment to our babies.