Teaching ones is so much fun! They are learning to discover more of the world around them because they have some new found mobility, muscle coordination, and ideas. They have consolidated all they have learned during the first 12 months of life and are putting it to good use.

One year olds are multisensory learners, as are all preschoolers, but during this time in their lives they are using their senses to add to their knowledge of the world around them. Here are some tips that might encourage your teaching.

  • Use each child’s name frequently when you sing or talk with him.
  • Reassure the child when he is anxious for his parents to arrive.
  • Model acceptable behavior consistently. The way you use toys will be way they manipulate them.
  • Provide choices in their play and set out different toys each Sunday.
  • Incorporate the Bible conversation for the session. For example: “God loves you. Mommy and Daddy love you, too. Thank you, God, for Mommy and Daddy.”
  • Use the names of God and Jesus frequently as you use the Bible with the children.
  • Open the Bible and use it when preschoolers are near you. They will learn that the Bible is a special book when you use it and tell them about God and Jesus.
  • Ones have a natural curiosity and enjoy finding things that are new. For example, cover a toy with a doll blanket and then encourage them to look under the blanket and find the toy. They will enjoy doing this over and over again.
  • Identify toys by name and talk about the action of play. Ones are learning language and talking about what they do will help them communicate their own actions.

You can literally chart the growth of ones weekly. They are growing at such a fast pace and are learning new ways to express themselves. All children learn through relationships and they will learn from you. Your own consistency in attendance will encourage their learning.

Thank you for your commitment to teach one year olds at Brentwood Baptist. May God bless you beyond measure.