Good morning, Father.

I love how You teach me lessons through nature. This week I am watching two Ginny Wrens constantly feed their newborns that are in a nest in my hanging geranium basket. They worked hard to build this nest where their eggs would be laid. Their instinct tells them to prepare for the future, and they continue to do so by feeding their young. Why? To help them thrive, grow, and get to the point of being taught to fly.

In Scripture we know that Timothy was taught the Holy Scriptures from the time he was a young child by people who loved him dearly and in whom he had great trust. As a preschool teacher, never underestimate the power of your presence or interaction with  children. Maybe you are the one building their nests or feeding their rapid growth rates physically or spiritually. Which ever, know that the trust that is created with you will lay foundations for growth and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

“Let Your Word dwell in me richly as I teach and admonish others with all wisdom.”            (Colossians 3:16)

In the power of Jesus’ name, Amen.

Janet Waters, Preschool Sunday School Teacher/Prayer Room Ministry Intercessor
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