When you arrive on Sunday, you will see new carpet in the Preschool hallway. The carpet will be done in sections, so bear with us as we make progress. I know this has been a long time coming. You will see green and brown carpet that depicts a pathway through the grass. We are building toward a “Woodland” theme. This Sunday you will see posters of the theme, so take a minute to look at them.


STEP RIGHT UP to Serve Campaign

We are making progress in the enlistment campaign. We have started our talks with prospective teachers, taking them through their orientation and training. God is providing! Thank you for praying, but don’t stop now. I am grateful for those who have stepped up and followed God’s call to teach.

I am equally grateful for you, too. You are indeed an example to others. So many parents have stopped me and Sandra to say how grateful they are for their children’s teachers. Thank you, thank you! God truly is using us to help lay a foundation for spiritual development for all of our children. Teachers in KidLife, BYCS and those of you in Sunday School are working hard to minister, not only to our preschoolers, but to their parents.

Have a safe and restful weekend.  See you all on Sunday!


Your Preschool Staff
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