IDEAS for Sunday Morning

Bible Story – Jesus Showed Love (John 13:1-17)

Let me take this time to tell you this is one of my favorite stories. Each time I read it I am reminded of the times my dad asked me to wash his feet. As he got older, it became more difficult for him to take care of his feet. This simple act made my dad feel so good. As I washed his feet, I thought about Jesus caring for His disciples in such a loving way!

As you prepare for Sunday, read the Scripture verses that record Jesus’ showing love for His disciples by washing their feet. Jesus was very deliberate in what He was teaching His disciples—the unforgettable lesson of servant leadership. Our preschoolers will one day understand the concept, but the foundation of building friendships and relationships will be the start of the concept to “serve.”

Babies & 1s
Babies love it when others take time to talk to them. Talk when you engage in play with a baby and describe the actions of the play (roll the ball, shake the rattle, etc.). He will begin to see that people who care for him want to spend time in play. The beginning of friendship even for a baby is a new level of expanding his world. Have fun helping babies get to know others.

You can help one year olds understand friendship by showing them how to be a friend. By mentioning his friends in the room by name, each child will begin to know and recognize their faces, too. Most ones are playing side by side and not necessarily engaging in play together. Give some opportunities for ones to play with each other by building with blocks. They may take turns in stacking blocks. Say, “We love our friends just like Jesus loved His friends.” Ones will learn about Jesus as you give them an understanding of the things Jesus did. As you play with ones, refer to the Bible story and talk about Jesus. Open the Bible and say, “Our story is from the Bible.”

Place a few items in a bag such as a plate, pretend food item, cup, towel, and small plastic bottle of water. After you have told the Bible story during group time, ask a child to come forward and choose an item from the bag. Invite the child to identify the item and tell how it relates to the Bible story. Recall the story as they children the game. Some may want to do it over again. Repetition is good for remembering. Praise each child when he can recall how the item was used in the story. Say: “I am glad God gave us friends. Would you like to pray for your friend?”

Open the Bible on your lap as you begin to tell the Bible story. Say: “When Jesus washed the feet of His disciples, He told them to help and love one another as He loved them. Jesus wanted His disciples to do for others what He had done for them.” Jesus taught His disciples by showing them what to do. Ask the children to recall ways they can help others, even family members. Print their examples on a large sheet of paper. (You can locate paper in the Resource Room.)

Have fun planning and teaching. I will see you Sunday!


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