IDEAS for Sunday Morning

Bible Story – Jesus Healed Ten Men  (Luke 17:11-19)

A baby will learn that others love her when her needs are met. Meeting a baby’s need on demand is crucial to her learning trust. Help a baby get to know you better by talking to her. Use words that describe the actions you are engaged in, such as reading a book, looking at a new toy, or singing to her. Sing the chorus to the song “Jesus Loves Me”; this is a great way for a baby to hear the name of Jesus. Also, incorporate the child’s name in the song, such as  “Jesus loves Riley Jo.”

Place a doll in the doll bed. Supply a few cloth bandages for a child to wrap the bandages around the doll. Talk about the story of Jesus’ making the ten men well. Say: “Jesus made ten sick men well. One man came back to say thank you to Jesus.” Pause and then add: “Jesus loved the men. Jesus loves you, too.” A one-year-old may not understand the deep significance of the Bible story, but he can learn that we lovingly care about others. Jesus told us to love one another. As a child pretends to care for the doll, he is role playing taking care of the doll. The connections will continue to be made throughout his life as the child plays out life events in his early years.

Place a Doctor’s Kit in the homeliving area of the room. Wrap a blanket around the doll. Encourage a child to play with the doll using the doctor’s kit. As she holds the doll, say, “(Use the child’s name) can take care of the doll.” Place a few short bandages near the Doctor’s Kit to further encourage pretend play with a “sick” doll. Talk about the story and the ten men that Jesus made well. State that Jesus wants us to love one another.

3s – PreK
Collect ten different items for each child to use in making an art picture. Gather colorful construction paper, glue sticks, paintbrushes (watercolor paints), construction paper shapes (squares, hearts, circles, etc.), watercolor makers, yarn, ribbon, pompoms, various stickers, and a sticker with the words “Love one another.” As the child determines what he will make with the collection of items, say: “Jesus said to love one another. How do we show love for others?” After the child’s responses, ask, “How did Jesus show love to the ten men in today’s Bible story?”

Guide boys and girls to make cards for people who are sick or not feeling well. Gather construction paper, watercolor makers, glue, and paper scraps for decorating the card. You may want to print some examples of things the child might write in their cards. Encourage the children to make cards for people they know who are ill or who need to know someone is thinking about and praying for them. Say: “In our story today Jesus made ten men well. Jesus loved the men and wanted them to be well. Can you think of someone you know who can hear that Jesus loves them?” Close the activity with a prayer for those people who are sick.

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