Bible Story – “Joshua and Jericho” (Joshua 6:1-21)


Babies begin to understand more about their world through their senses (touching, tasting, smelling, hearing, and seeing). Encouraging babies to try new things will enhance their learning. Try placing a toy under a small blanket. Direct a child’s attention to the blanket and gently lift an edge of the blanket. Say, “Can you see something under the blanket?” If you need to continue lifting it until a child sees it, exclaim, “There it is!” Describe the toy once the child sees it. Say, “Thank You, God, for eyes to see the _______________ (identify the toy).” Just as God encouraged the children of Israel, you can encourage the babies you teach as you mention the name of God and say it with a loving tone of voice. You are laying a foundation for spiritual development in these early years! Thank you.

Place tape on the floor in an area where the children can walk. Ask them to place cardboard blocks, two or three blocks high, around the walking area (to represent a wall). Tell a portion of the Bible story as the children walk. Say: “God helped Joshua and the children of Israel by making the wall come down. They did what God wanted them to do. God loved them very much. God loves you.”

Prior to the session and during the session, stack cardboard blocks three blocks high to resemble a wall. Gather a few rhythm instruments from the resource room. When two year olds arrive, they will see the blocks set up. I know what you are thinking—the children will immediately knock them down! What a great segway into the story for the day. Guide the children to stack them up and knock them down. Mention the portion of the Bible story where God told Joshua and his men to walk around the wall. Show two year olds the musical instruments; guide them to walk around the room and play the instruments as they march around the pretend wall.

3s – Pre-K
Gather lunch size brown paper bags, one or two for each child, and newspaper (two sheets per child). Show the children how to open a bag, stuff it with newspaper, and then close the open end so that the bag resembles a stone block. Be sure to print each child’s name on his/her paper block. After the blocks are made, guide the children to combine them to build a “stone wall.” When you tell the Bible story, sit with the new “stone wall” behind you. As a closing activity, allow the children to walk around the wall and pretend to blow horns and gently knock down the wall. Say: “Joshua and the people did what God had asked them to do. They followed God’s instructions each day and the wall fell down. God took care of Joshua and the people.”

The Bible story for today shows us know that God is mighty and takes care of us. He knows what we need. God provided for Joshua and the people. God had something for them to do each day for seven days.

Use the following activity to remind children how God took care of Joshua and the people. Build a block wall. Prepare seven cards. On one side of each card, write the number 1 – 7. On the first six cards, print: “Walk around the wall without saying a word.” On the seventh card print: “March around the wall seven times. On the seventh time, ask a designated ‘priest’ to blow the pretend horn.” Then let all the children shout and knock down the wall. Say, “God wanted Joshua and the people to have the city of Jericho.”

As a child you might remember the Bible story because you sang about it, built a wall, or even blew a pretend trumpet. These activities will help preschoolers remember one more way God provided for the people He loved.

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