Bible Story: “Samuel’s Birth and Calling” (1 Samuel 1:1—4:1)

Our Bible story today is a great example of Hannah’s worship and obedience. She took Samuel to the temple to stay and serve with Eli. What are the important things we can share with the children who come to our classrooms today? Our children will learn from you that church is a happy place to be and that you will meet their needs for love and acceptance. We know that Samuel grew up to be a godly man. Today you have the opportunity to help a child feel accepted and loved, just as Eli did for Samuel. Children learn best in an environment that is designed to allow them to have a variety of intentional choices from which to play. Choose toys that will allow them to use newfound skills to encourage movement and manipulation and will increase their ability to make good choices.

One year olds are fun to be with. They can be demanding at times because they are learning so much and want to try everything in the room. Remember that too many toys can be frustrating for them. Not every child will need a toy of his own. Utilize blocks and books that offer variety as well as large motor skills toys. Ones will learn to take turns and be mindful of others when they have fewer toys to use. Children learn how to treat others by the way you treat them and other children in the room. Just as Samuel learned from Eli in the temple, you are teaching them to be helpers. Use words and phrases such as helping, being kind, and caring for our friends as you interact with the children.

Twos are excited to try new things from Sunday to Sunday. Measure their growth this Sunday. Guide the child to stand against a wall and measure his height with yarn. Cut the yarn and place it in a small zip-lock bag. Comment: “You are growing like Samuel did. Samuel grew and helped Eli in the temple.” Remark that as Samuel grew each year his mother brought him a new coat. Say, “Your mother gives you new clothes to wear as you grow, too.”

Here is a group-time activity you might find fun. Print each question below on a sheet of construction paper. Tape the questions on the walls around the room just before you tell the Bible story. After telling the story of Samuel, call on individual children to find a question sheet on a wall and bring it to you. Use the questions to help the group recall the story.
• What did God give Hannah?
• Who did Samuel help in the temple?
• Samuel heard a voice calling him. Who was calling him?
• How many times did God call Samuel?
• What kinds of things do you think Samuel did to help Eli in the Temple?

During group time use these statements to talk about what we do at church and what church helpers do at church. You may choose to write these down and place around the room just prior to group time. Allow the children to find the statements.
• Church helpers teach about God.
• People at church love one another.
• People at church help others.
• At church people have different jobs.
• People at church—
Sing songs
Pray to God
Give offerings
Read the Bible
Worship God


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