Bible Story:  “Jesus Read the Scroll (Bible)”
Scripture:  Luke 4:16-22

Babies – Look at the Bible
Babies love for you to talk to them. Open the Bible on the mat and say: “You can look at the pictures in the Bible. The Bible tells us about Jesus.” Babies need to hear us speak about the Bible and Jesus. All babies need the opportunity to pat the pages in the book as you place the Bible in your lap. They will one day know what a Bible is, but they need to begin to hear the word “Bible” so they can begin to know it is a special book. You can say, “Jesus read from the Bible.”

1s – Locate the Bible
Cover the Bible and two other toys (such as a cardboard block and ball) with a towel or small blanket. When the child uncovers the Bible and toys, identify the items. As you name the Bible, say: “The Bible tells us about Jesus. There are many stories about Jesus in the Bible. Jesus loves you.” Mention, “You can read the Bible like Jesus did.” Allow the child to turn the pages and look at the pictures found in the Bible. The child will think he is “reading” the Bible. Positive feelings about the Bible can begin early.

2s – The Bible Puzzle
You will find a wooden-inlay puzzle in the resource room entitled “Bibles.” The puzzle depicts different kinds of Bibles and scrolls. Nearby place a few Bibles of different sizes as well as the classroom Bible. Tell the child that all the same stories are found in each Bible. Say, “Bible, the Bible tells us about Jesus.” You may want to place the teaching picture beside the puzzle, also.

3s – Pre-K – Bible Match
Find Bibles of different sizes. Outline the Bibles on a large sheet of paper. Guide the child to match each Bible to its outlined shape. As the child matches the Bible shape, say: “A church helper handed Jesus the Bible. Jesus read the Bible at church.” Encourage the child to do the Bible match game more than one time. He may want to work alongside a friend.

Kindergarten – Word Matches
Make two sets of individual letters for these words: Bible, Scroll, Jesus. Use 5 x 7 inch index cards to print the letters on. Get three large sheets of construction paper. At the top of each sheet of paper, place the letters that spell a word. Children can match the second set of letters to spell the words. As a child completes one of the words, show him a sample of a scroll, Bible, or picture of Jesus. Say: “Jesus read the Bible at church. You can read the words ‘scroll,’ ‘Bible,’ and ‘Jesus.’ ”

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