Bible Story:   “Jesus Loved Mary and Martha”
Scripture:   Luke 10:38-42

Play quiet music as babies arrive. Notice how the atmosphere in the room takes on a calmness. Create opportunities to say “Jesus loves you” by spending time playing with each child. Place toys within reach and engage in play together. You probably have heard the phrase “Nothing says love better than time together.” A baby will enjoy the loving interaction she has with you from the moment she enters the room. Lay the Bible on the floor mat or hold it in your lap. Let the child pat the Bible pages or pictures. Open the Read to Me Bible for Kids to the picture of Jesus with Mary and Martha. Say: “Jesus loved Mary and Martha. Jesus loves you.”

Locate a plastic bowl and wooden spoon with a short handle. Place a few snap-lock beads in the bowl with the wood spoon. Encourage the child by stirring the beads in the bowl. Say: “Martha prepared food for Jesus. Martha loved Jesus, and Jesus loved Martha. Jesus loves you, _______ (incorporate the child’s name in the sentence).” This simple activity will allow you to relay the biblical truth of today’s story, Jesus loves all people.

Place a few cardboard blocks on the floor in front of the block shelf. Encourage the child to build a house similar to a Bible Times House (an example is in the front of the Read-to-Me-Bible for Kids in your classroom). Say: “Jesus went to Mary and Martha’s house to eat and talk. Jesus loved Mary and Martha. Jesus loves you.” Remember to use the phrase “Jesus loves all people” as you engage in conversation during the session. Our biblical message today is “Jesus loves all people.”

3s – Pre-K
As you encourage children to build a Bible-times house, add a few items to create a landscape appeal to the home that is built. Bring a few twigs or leaves to create trees. Put a little play dough inside a jar lid and stick the twig in it to make a pretend tree. Boys and girls will enjoy creating the landscape around the home they build. You may want to add brown paper on which to build the house. Using the backdrop from your leader pack will also add to your town.

Before the session locate a small paper cup for each child in your class. Cut a large hole in the bottom of each cup. The cups will be used in group time after you have told the Bible story. Tell the group you are going to play a game. Distribute the cups. Ask a child to come and stand beside you. Using your cup whisper the Bible verse “Jesus loves you.” Tell the child to whisper the verse to another child. Lead each child to use his cup to whisper the verse. When the last child has heard the verse, ask him to come and whisper the verse in your ear. You can do this several times using parts of the Bible story as well as the Bible verse.

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