Bible Story:  “Lydia and Paul”
Scripture:   Acts 16:11-15


Who doesn’t love to hear the words “I love you?” I’m sure most moms and dads tell their babies frequently that they love them. Babies needs to hear that Jesus loves them, too. Sing the song “Jesus Loves Me” but substitute the word You as you change a baby’s diaper, play on the mat, or hold a child in your arms. Singing always adds an element of calm and security for an anxious baby. If you feel uncomfortable singing the song in front of adults, just sing quietly and softly to the baby.


Ones will begin to understand more about the Bible as you use it with them. Open the Bible to the picture of Jesus and the children. Say: “Jesus loves you. I love you, too.” Allow ones to pat the Bible or even carry it around the room. You may want to place the teaching picture on the floor near a toy. As a child picks up the picture, point to the figure of Paul and say: “Paul told Lydia that Jesus loves her. Jesus loves you, too.” Ones will love to hear that Jesus loves them as you play alongside them.


Since our story is about Lydia who sold purple cloth, provide a bag with samples of items that are purple. Locate a purple piece of fabric, purple yarn, purple piece of construction paper and maybe a purple car. Place the items in the bag. You may want to sit on the floor or at a table. Ask the children to draw a purple item from the bag. As you play the game of finding things that are purple, say: “Lydia was a lady that sold purple cloth. In our Bible story we heard that Paul told Lydia about Jesus.”


3s – Pre-K
Prepare a table setting in the homeliving area using purple construction paper as placemats. Mention that Lydia invited Paul and his friends to come to her house. Perhaps Lydia made food for them to eat. Paul told Lydia and the other women about Jesus. Ask, “What do you think Paul said about Jesus?” Add to their answers by saying, “Jesus loves all people and we can love others, too.”


Print each word of the Bible verse “Tell people about Jesus” (Acts 16:10) on individual sheets of purple construction paper. Just before group time, place the sheets of paper on the wall around the room. After you tell the Bible story during group time, ask individual children to locate a piece of purple construction paper and bring to the circle. Guide the children to put the Bible verse in order and ask them to repeat it with you. Ask, “Who can you tell about Jesus this week?” Mention, “What does the purple paper have to do with our story this week?” Mention that Lydia sold purple cloth and Paul told Lydia more about Jesus.

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