Bible Story:  “King Saul”
Scripture:   1 Samuel 9—10; 11:12-15; 13:1-15; 15

Babies – Using the Bible
On Sunday our babies will hear you speak about David and Jonathan (other age groups are learning about King Saul). As you engage babies in play, say: “I have a good friend, ____________ (insert the child’s name) is her/his name.” Babies enjoy hearing others say their name, too. Open the Bible (page 353 in the Read-to-Me-Bible) to the picture of David and Jonathan and say, “David and Jonathan were friends.” The babies will begin to develop an attitude when you use the Bible with them. One day they will know the Bible is a special book. You have a part in the way they begin to understand the Bible is a special book.
1s – Songs
Sing songs about God. Here is a song that you can sing this Sunday as you speak about King Saul. Use different words as you sing the melody to “God Is So Good”: “God loves you so, God loves you so, God loves ____________ (insert child’s name here), God loves everyone.” Then say, “God loved the people and gave them a leader, King Saul.” Ones will love to hear you sing. Try it! Be sure to play the CD from your leader pack as ones arrive and perhaps throughout the morning.
2s – Art Activity
Print the words God chose Saul to be the king on large sheets of paper. Locate some Dot Paints from the resource room (on the right as you go into the resource room). Let the twos dot paint on and around the words. Say the words, “God answered the people’s prayers and made Saul king.” Twos can hear stories from the Bible and know that they are special by the way you speak. You are laying a foundation about the Bible and that the stories there are real.
3s—Pre-K – Group-Time Activity
The Bible story today is about a promise that God made to the people of Israel. He always keeps His promises. Print these promises on strips of paper and place them in a box: God always does what He says He will do, God will always love you, God will take care of us, God loves everyone, and God will always give us what we need. Let the children take turns removing a strip from the box and “reading” it to the group. Say a thank-you prayer, “Thank You, God, for loving us and for giving us what we need.”
Kindergarten – Puzzle or Group Time (matching game)
Print each word of the Weekly Bible Verse (“God’s promises come true”) on an index card. Make two sets. Place the cards facedown on the table or floor. After you have told the Bible story or while you are at the puzzle area, ask the children to find the matching words. Once the words have been matched put the Bible verse together. Point to each word and say the verse together. Place a marker at the location of the verse in the Bible. When the verse is put together, ask a child to help you read the verse from the Bible. Ask someone to pray, thanking God for loving us.


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