Bible Story: “David and Jonathan”
Scripture: 1 Samuel 14:49; 18:1-4; 20

Babies – Playing with Friends
Babies are fascinated by others in the class. Often you will see them try to touch other baby’s faces, hair, or hands. They are curious about other friends in the room. As babies play on the mat and reach for each other, use simple statements such as: “You see ___________(child’s name); he/she is your friend.” They will someday understand what a friend is, but they can begin hearing the word friend and associate it positively.

1s – Using the Bible
Ones love books. The Bible is wonderful to use as you speak about David and Jonathan. Place a Bible marker in the Bible or lay a teaching picture near the Bible as you speak about this week’s story. Ones will be able to know that the story comes from the Bible. Use the Bible frequently throughout the morning. As you use the Bible with ones, they will learn how to handle this special book, touch its pages, and carry it around the room. Use words such as: “God is good to us. He gives us friends. You have friends at church (mention the names of teachers and other children in the room).”

2s – Homeliving Area
Getting along with others is a part of the socialization that happens in the young preschool years. Twos are learning to get along and to know each other. The opportunities for learning to be with others can happen easily in the classroom. Use the Homeliving area this week. The story of David and Jonathan will be easy to talk about, as I’m sure that David and Jonathan ate together many times. Help twos set the table and pretend to prepare a meal together. Use words like: “I am glad to have friends. We can pretend to make a meal together. Do you think that David and Jonathan ate together? Thank You, God, for friends.”

3s – Pre-K – Group Time Activity
Ask the children to tell you things they enjoy doing with their friends. Print their answers on a large sheet of paper. Use this activity to introduce the story of David and Jonathan. Emphasize to the children how important it is to have friends and to do things together. Open the Bible and begin telling the story. Show the Bible teaching picture and ask who they think Jonathan is and who they think David is. Be sure to ask why they like the story. Tell them why you like the story, too.

Kindergarten – Sequence/Matching Game
Print the first name of each child in the classroom on an index card. Use watercolor markers so the ink won’t show through the cards. Then prepare a matching set of name cards. Place the cards on the floor facedown. Encourage the children to take turns turning over two cards at a time to find matching names. This activity will be a good game to use at the end of the session as you wait for parents to arrive. Show the teaching picture during the game as you talk about David and Jonathan being friends.

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