Bible Story: “David Played Music”
Scripture: 1 Samuel 16; Psalm 23

Babies – Using Thank-You Prayers
(Bible Story is “David and Jonathan” for Babies.)
A baby is learning so much about the world around him; perhaps you will be able to influence a baby about the atmosphere at church. He might feel the warmth and love of a teacher as he hears her say: “Thank You, God, for ____________ (incorporate the child’s name). God loves you.” Simple prayers will allow you to say the name God with love and reverence. These prayer statements will help a baby connect the name of God as someone who cares about him. In the first year of life, a baby may double in weight and height. Can you imagine what his brain is assimilating? Use every opportunity to say: “God loves you. I love you, too.” You can help lay the foundation for spiritual development.

1s – Singing
The Bible phrase for 1s this week is “I will sing to God” (2 Samuel 22:50). In the back of the leader guide, you will find the Bonus Teaching Hour section. On page 8 in that section, you will see words to sing using the familiar tune of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.” Sing these words to a child. Say: “We can sing to God anytime and anywhere. Thank You, God, for hearing our song.”

2s – Using the Bible
Use the Bible frequently throughout the morning, but especially when you tell the Bible story to a two year old. Open the Read-to-Me Bible and turn to page 1674 for a picture of David playing his harp. While you are playing with a child, tell the Bible story and show him the picture of David. You can say: “David played his harp while caring for the sheep. Then David started playing his harp for King Saul. I am glad God gives us stories in the Bible.”

3s- Pre-K – Working Puzzles
Many puzzles are available for you in the Preschool Resource Room; they are on the shelves to the right. The puzzle “David and the Sheep” is one that you could use this Sunday, and enough are available for each 3s – Pre-K classroom. As you help a child work the puzzle, tell them the story of David playing his harp with the sheep and then for King Saul. Mention to the child: “David often sang songs that were prayers. You can sing your prayers, too.”

Kindergarten – Playing a Matching Game
Gather a few musical instruments from the Preschool Resource Room. On a piece of poster board, outline each instrument. Put the instruments in a bag. Encourage a child to pull an instrument from the bag and match it to the outline of that instrument on the poster board. After playing the game, sing a song using the tune “Jesus Loves Me” and these words: “God hears my prayers, this I know, for the Bible tells me so, He wants me to sing to Him, He wants me to pray to Him.”

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