Bible Story: “King David”
Scripture: 2 Samuel 5—8

Babies – Music
(Their Bible story is 1 Samuel 17:12-15, 17-22.)

As you greet babies, ask parents to sign in their children and complete the instruction cards by the door. Play background music so that the atmosphere is calm and welcoming. In a soft voice say the Bible phrase “Help one another.” You might say: “David helped his brothers by bringing them food. Mom has a bottle for you. Thank You, God, for __________________ (insert child’s name).” If a child does not have a Diaper Bag Tag, just let me know and I will bring a supply to your room.

1s – Music
Ones enjoy singing or at least trying. They engage when they hear music and love having you sing to them. Look on page 14 of the BTH pages in your leader guide. There you will find words to a song that you can sing to the familiar tune “Are You Sleeping?” The words are simple, but they relay a biblical truth that will follow the children all their lives—God made them and loves them. Sing the song as you play and interact with ones throughout the morning.

2s – Music/Blocks
Gather some musical instruments from the resource room. Locate some shakers, drums (use hands to beat a rhythm), and bells (jingle and wrist bells). Place them in the block area to use as twos build with blocks. Encourage the children to take turns using the instruments (you will not need one for every child). Say, “Now it is __________’s (child who is using the instrument) turn, then it will be yours.” Say to the child using the instrument, “________________ (child who be using the instrument next) will have a turn soon.” This type of conversation helps boys and girls learn to take turns and to know they will soon have a chance to use the instrument. Say, “Thank You, God, for hands to play the instruments and make music.”

3s – Pre-K – Group Time
Group time is fun when children hear you tell the Bible story with the Bible opened on your lap. The children like to be engaged as they hear the story. Whisper the Bible verse just before you tell the story. Say, “I am going to whisper today’s Bible verse to ________________ (child’s name) and she/he will whisper it to the friend beside her/him and then the next friend will do the same until everyone has heard the verse. At the end we will all say the Bible verse together.” Be sure to make any corrections that might need to be made. Say: “I am so glad God has plans for you and me. Let’s hear what plans God had for King David.

Kindergarten – Homeliving/Puzzles
Set up a tent in your classroom by turning the homeliving table on its side and placing a sheet over it. Invite the children to sit under the tent and work the Puzzle “The Tent Church.” You will find this puzzle in the resource room on the right side as you enter. Say a portion of the Bible story as the children work the puzzle. Comment: “David built a tent church where he could worship God. We can sing songs and pray to God, too, just like King David did.” Enjoy the time with the children in the tent.

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