Bible Story: “God Cared for Elijah”
Scripture: 1 Kings 17:1-16

Babies (Their Bible story is Daniel 1:1-20.)

Daniel felt God’s love and experienced His provision. Babies will feel your faithful care and attention, too. Take time to let them feel how much fun it is to be around them. Play a simple game by saying babies’ names as you clap their hands together at the same time. Continue doing the game as long as they are enjoying the interaction. Say: “I love you and God loves you, too. It’s fun to be together.”

1s – Singing a Song
Ones will enjoy singing as you talk to them about God. On page 20-BTH, you will see a song to sing using a familiar tune and different words. As you sing the song, incorporate the children’s names. You may find their attention greater when they hear their names sung. Continue to sing the song using each child’s name. Ones will be listening for their names and when they hear them, I’m sure you will see smiles on their faces.

2s – Talking as a Child Plays
At church twos hear you speak about God. Today you get to tell each child, “God knows what you need.” You may find it difficult for twos to sit still to hear the story, so talking to them one on one as they play is much easier. Use Bible story conversation and talk about how God cared for Elijah and the woman who would make bread for him. Remember, children don’t have to look at you to hear what you are saying. When they are playing, their brains are engaged. God made them that way.

3s – Pre-K – Role Playing the Story
Gather a few items for children to dress up for the role play: towels (large for a shoulder wrap and small for a head piece) and scarves for a belt or ribbon and for a headpiece (wrap around a child’s head). You may want to use some kitchen items for the bread making part of the story. After telling the Bible story in group time, say, “Now let’s role play the story.” Assign children roles. Instruct them to act out the story line as you tell the story again. Consider role playing more than once so everyone can participate. Remember repetition is good for memory. Mention how God provided for Elijah and the woman who made bread for him.

Kindergarten – Playing a Group Time Game
Locate a small paper bag. Print the following words on tongue depressors (these can be found in the Resource Room): God, Elijah, Rain, Woman, Bread, Flour, and Oil. Make enough words for each child to have a tongue-depressor word. Place these words in the paper bag. After you have told the story, let each child draw a word from the bag. Ask him to find a friend with the same word. Once each child has found his match, ask them to tell you how the word fits in the Bible story “God Cared for Elijah.”

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