Bible Story: “Elijah Prayed”
Scripture: 1 Kings 18:1-2, 41-46; James 5:17-18

Babies   (Their Bible story is “God Cared for Elijah,” 1 Kings 17:1-16.)
So much goes on in the first year of life. Babies are growing at such a fast rate; they will actually double their birth weight in their first year. They are becoming more aware of their world and of those who care for them. Therefore, you are important to each child you teach. As you interact with babies as they play with toys, tell them that God takes care of them. Say to them often: “Mommy and Daddy love you. God loves you and helps you grow.” The babies will understand your care and love in the way you provide for them. One day they will understand that God loves and cares for them, too.

1s – Thanking God
Young ones can learn to thank God for many things. These short thank-you statements to God are their first prayers. We begin to pray by praising God for what He does for us. Teach ones to say thank you to God for what He does for them. Let the children hear you say, “Thank You, God, for hearing our prayers.” Today’s story is about Elijah praying for rain. Briefly talk about the Bible story. Then add, “God hears us when we pray, too.”

2s – Praying with Twos
Twos can learn that God wants people to talk (pray) to Him. Play the music CD this week as children arrive. Track 3 is a song about talking to God. Teach twos to pray or talk to God. Give them examples to say such as: “Thank You, God, for friends at church. We hear that we can talk to God anytime and anywhere.” As you tell twos the story say: “Elijah asked God to send rain. God heard Elijah and He sent rain.”

3s – Pre-K – Praying to God
Print each of the following statements on individual index cards: Pray for Mom and Dad; Pray for family; Pray for friends; Pray for my teachers; Pray for church friends; Pray for neighbors. Place the cards in a small open box. When you finish telling the Bible story, say: “We can talk to God anytime and anywhere. Now, let’s thank God for people who are special to us.” Ask each child to pick a card and pray for what is written on it. (You might whisper the words on the card to the child and let him repeat it as if reading.) Consider adding other prayer cards to the box. Enjoy teaching the boys and girls about talking to God.

Kindergarten – Playing a Word Match/Story Recall Game
Locate 14 index cards. Prepare two sets of cards with these words on individual cards: rain, Elijah, King Ahab, 7, pray, cloud, and mountain. After you have told the Bible story, place the cards facedown on the floor. Ask the children to find words that are the same. As they find each matching word, ask them to tell you how the word was used in the story. The kindergarteners may want to play the game more than once. Say to the children: “I thank God for hearing my prayers. Do you talk to God when you pray? God always hears us and wants us to talk to Him anytime and anywhere.”

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