Bible Story: “Elisha and the Widow”
Scripture: 2 Kings 4:1-7

Babies (Their Bible story is  “God Cared for Elijah,” 1 Kings 17:1-16.)
Babies are hearing about Elijah again this week. Repetition is meaningful for preschoolers of every age group. Babies are repeating new skills many times during the day. They even watch you and how you care for other babies in the room. Just as God cared and provided for Elijah, you are caring for the emotional, spiritual, and physical needs of the babies you interact with on Sunday morning. Take time to say: “God cared for Elijah and I care for you. Thank You, God, for ______________ (incorporate the child’s name here).” Then add: “I’m so glad you came to Sunday School today; it’s fun to be together at church.”

1s – Filling and Pouring Game
Have you ever noticed how one year olds like to fill things up and pour them out over and over? Locate some fill n’ dump toys from the Resource Room and place some items like Snap-and-Lock beads and plastic blocks inside. As ones fill and dump these items, say: “In our Bible story today, we hear that Elisha helped a woman. He told her to pour oil in jars. You can pour blocks and beads into the containers.” Remind one year olds that God cared about Elisha and the woman. God can do all things.

2s – Pouring Poms-Poms
Locate some large pom-poms from the Resource Room. Bring two large plastic bowls from home. Place the poms-poms in one bowl and let twos fill the other bowl with the poms-poms. The children will enjoy filling and dumping the items. Talk about how Elisha told the woman to fill the jars with oil. Say: “God can do all things. God told Elisha to tell the woman to fill the jars with oil. Then she could sell the oil and have money for food.” As preschoolers fill and dump the poms-poms, guide them to take turns putting them in the bowls.

3s – Pre-K – Playing a Game at Group Time
Look on BTH page 24 in the back of your leader guide. There is a great game to use during group time, “Fill the Jar Relay.” You can find pom-poms in the Resource Room; gather enough to play the relay game. Threes and fours will enjoy the game. As you play the game, recall the portion of the Bible story about Elisha telling the widow to fill the jars with oil. The action of the game will help the child remember the story and the way God helped the woman. Elisha did what God asked him to do.

Kindergarten – Working Puzzles
Locate two large sheets of construction paper and food puzzles from the Resource Room. Place the puzzles on the floor, in the area where you want the children to work them. As kindergarteners enjoy the puzzles, talk with them about the story. Ask questions such as: “What did the widow need? How did Elisha help her? What did she pour into the jars? I’m glad she could sell the oil and buy food for her family. We can say thank you to God for the food we eat.” Kindergartners can learn that there things only God can do, and the story today is a great example of that.

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