Good morning, Father.

During 2016 help me to be faithful in my prayer walk. It is most important that we who serve preschoolers remember to pray for the next generation. Teach me how to pray for these children. Father, help me to be mindful to pray for the spiritual condition of the preschoolers that I serve for You. It is of value that they see You modeled in me and others daily. My heart’s desire is that they know Christ as their Savior early in life. Protect them from the enemy and grow in them a heart for You.

“God, You are my God; I eagerly seek You. I thirst for You: my body faints for You in a land that is dry, desolate, and without water.” (Psalm 63:1, HCSB)

In the powerful name of Jesus,
Janet Waters, Preschool Sunday School Teacher/BBC Prayer Room Ministry

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