Good morning, Father

During 2017 help me to be faithful in my prayer walk. It is most important that we who serve preschoolers remember to pray for the next generation. Teach me how to pray blessings for these children and their families.

Have you seen the movie Miss Congeniality? It’s about contestants in the Miss United States Pageant and has a storyline intended to cause trouble. As the contest runs its course, the contestants are interviewed about their platform and of course they end their talk by saying that they want world peace. You come to see that everyone wants world peace.

But there is another peace, an inner peace and the desire to do what leads to peace, that only comes from God, the Father. Today, Father, I ask that You help me to be a peacemaker which will demonstrate to my preschoolers peace, true peace, so that they will desire it above all else.

“So then, we must pursue what promotes peace and what builds up one another.” (Romans 14:19, HCSB)

In the powerful name of Jesus, Prince of Peace,
Janet Waters, Preschool Sunday School Teacher/BBC Prayer Room Ministry

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