Prayer for you, as you journey to Bethlehem.
Praise God, the Light.

Do you have a Christmas tree and what color are the lights–white or multi-colored? Maybe you even have a silver aluminum tree with a color wheel disc that changes its color. My mother-in-law had one of those. I loved it!

Do you decorate your tree? My tree has a lot of ornaments with sentimental value. Some of them I bought the first year my husband and I were married; others signify milestones in my kids’ lives; and then there are gift ornaments from children we taught in preschool Sunday School. All are precious.

I have presents under my tree that I give to people I love. It gives me great delight to pick each one out and then have joy when they are opened–even the funny gifts.

In God’s mansion of many rooms, I wonder if He has trees that glow with His light. What if our souls are the ornaments that radiate the light of His Love? Gazing at them would inspire awe and wonder.

Maybe God’s trees have gifts, too, and they are created and handpicked to give to others through us. Gifts that contain Himself–salvation, love, hope, compassion, restoration, healing, courage, wisdom. And, as believers, you know the list is never ending.

So, this Christmas deliver God’s gifts to someone He designed them for with great love and delight. True worship expresses itself in giving. Let’s share what we know about Jesus and go worship the King!

“He (John) was not the light, but he came to testify about the light. The true light that gives light to everyone, was coming into the world.” (John 1:8-9, CSB)

In the name of Jesus, Light of Life,
Janet Waters, Brentwood Baptist Church member/Prayer Room Intercessor

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