Good morning, Father

Children are a gift–an amazing blessing from You. As a BBC teacher, mentor, parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle, you have the power to make a difference in their precious lives through prayer.

Father, as You designed, walking is a healthy activity, good for our body. But we must be aware of the paths that our walks take us. As I pray for my preschoolers, I am thinking about the paths that they could possibly choose to walk down. It is my heart’s desire that they walk faithfully and diligently in God’s ways. I am asking God to make their footsteps firm, that His Word will be a lamp for their feet and a light to their path. Sounds like the only path to walk! (Psalm 119:105; Psalm 37:23)

12 Promises Every Parent Should Ask God to Fulfill by Mark Altrogge

In the name of Jesus, the Way,
Janet Waters, Brentwood Baptist Church member/Prayer Room Intercessor

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