Good morning,  Father.

Children are an amazing gift from You.

Father, I want to take a prayer journey to Bethlehem with my preschoolers. Help me teach them how to worship the KING this Christmas. True worship expresses itself in giving. The wise men followed a star to find the King. They were so enthralled with His majesty and holiness that they brought Jesus gifts:

Gold – representing the treasure of the heart; the most precious of metals
Frankincense – used to worship God; incense as a symbol of prayer
Myrrh – used to preserve the body at death; symbolizes death and resurrection;
could mean “take up our cross daily” and choose to trust Him

“Come, let us worship and bow down; let us kneel before the LORD our maker.”
(Psalm 95:6, CSB)

In the powerful name of Jesus, Lord of Peace,
Janet Waters, Brentwood Baptist Church member/Prayer Room Intercessor

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